by Niobe Wright

Violence is pain,

Violence is not a game,

People who use violence should be very ashamed.

Violence can be used in many ways.

People all around the world use violence just for some sort of pay.

Violence is in our schools.

To me that’s not cool.

If you use violence or act out in a violent way you will be left looking like a fool.

Women everyday getting abused by their boyfriends.

Hiding in their closets, crying their eyes out wishing that there life would end

Violence is a form of hate.

Violence is watching someone fight on the street but once you try to stop it

a gun is fired

and all you say is it’s too late

Violence is in our homes

Young teens getting mentally and physically abused in their homes

To me that’s not a home

It’s a death zone

Violence is shooting,

killing,cursing,bullying,and many more

Violence tears families apart.

Seeing violence breaks my heart.

Violence hurts .

Violence burns.

Violence is not a good way to learn.

Today violence has become much worse.

Violence can send you to the hospital .

Violence can send you to a nurse.

Youth Violence is such a big problem.

Youth violence is not awesome.

Youth violence needs to stop.

It needs to be stopped by us youth not no cop.

Violence is never good

Violence often happens in the hood

Violence kills

Mental violence can make you want to commit suicide

By an overdose of pills

Why do we use violence as an answer?

Don’t you have better things to do than violence?

Why won’t you become a dancer?

It can start by only one word

It can start in clubs where everyone’s words are slurred

No one realizes what violence does to us youth

Violence can start with a lie

No, I want the truth.

Young children all around the world live in violent places

But yet we don’t do anything about it

That is, in some cases

A few years ago this black man got killed by a violent person

His family was in tears,the pain in their heart began to worsen

A few days ago on the news they were talking about school shootings

2 students were killed, and 18 had bruises

Violence is war

War can make you feel so sore

Violence is real

Violence is when you can’t sit down at the dinner table,

because of all of the shooting and fighting

and enjoy a good meal

Violence has affected me in many ways

I got bullied over the internet,it still affects me till this day

Youth violence can be caused by gangs

Where all of the teens that run with the wrong group use slang

It can also be caused by bullying

Why bully someone when your supposed to be studying

Some people think that 14 yr old girls like me don’t have voices

If we all come together and stop youth violence we can all have rejoices

Stop Violence