Write more. Free yourself. Embrace your black girl. Be that wild card everyone hopes they land on. Be that kind of wonder that flies into the eyes and seeps into the mind until it fills the body. Swallow yourself whole, take all of you in at once.Then piece by piece. Release. Repeat until your sky looks a more comforting hue. Curl up real tight and then expand yourself. Whenever you open a door, make sure you know all angles of the room you’re standing in. Mind is the Plants, the trees, the flowers. Body the World, the animals and life that grows from it. Find your sunlight and hold onto that natural glow it gives you. Don’t harm others, or yourself. Do what you need to, to make yourself happy. Play in your hair. Learn something new about your body, about your skin. Smile at your big feet. Kiss every mole, scar, and birthmark on your body. Realize where you are and breathe for a moment. Reminisce how you got here, and how many times you’ll come back to where you are right now. Look forward to the places ahead of you. There’s something refreshing about the air down here. Look up at the sky and what’s beyond it. Look at the ceiling and imagine.