Up on the parkway the wind’s in my hair, Watching the changing sky without care. Lush green mountains of flora and fauna, Hot summer days that feel like a sauna. Already there are signs of what’s to come, We NEED to save the place we’re from.

The truth is we have wronged our earth, Chopped her wood to heat our hearth. As new malls are built for us to roam. Animals are left without a home, Polluted her skies,no longer clear, This landscape is turning bleak and drear.

Streams that were once abundant with fish, Are empty now it seems we’ve gotten our wish. Barren slopes of forgotten dreams, Our world is fading or so it seems. We are oblivious to the destruction we cause, We greet lying politicians with applause.

If only there’s a clock whose hands rewind, We could save our creatures with that time. No matter how small the deed, Helping our earth will make us succeed. WE can stop deforestation and pollution, If we want to save our earth THAT is the solution.