It all started with a group from “Word On The Street.” We attended a show, History of African American Dance that was performed by Camille A. Brown, and wanted to interview her personally so that we could put it in a story. We asked her questions about her life growing up as black girl wanting to be a dancer and what made her want to keep on pursuing dancing. Also why she told her story through dancing and her point of view of it. Camille Brown says that as a kid she was picked on a lot and dancing was a way of expressing herself and relieving herself of the stress and anger. She felt that dancing was the only way she could tell this story. She said that it’s what made her want to tell her stories like this, and that she felt women are often put into categories or judged in ways men would never understand. So she thought she would tell the story of this as it motivated her to break the silence about it through dancing and choreography. Throughout her life, while trying to be a dancer, people often turned Camille down telling her she was too small, her voice wasn’t loud enough, she wasn’t tall enough, etc. This killed her self-esteem and often made her feel depressed that nobody saw her full potential as a dancer, and also as a black woman. She used this and turned it to her benefit, motivating her to become the great dancer she is today.