I  can’t really remember the day well, but it was 2 years ago. In El Salvador, I studied communications. A career that I really like. In the career, we had to go to different places and take pictures of the best things we could find and write a story about the photograph that we had taken. I went to a place called “La Libertad” which is a beach. In La Libertad, there is a dock where they sell different types of seafood.

Walking by the dock, I couldn’t avoid seeing all the children who had to work to help their families. All those kids who couldn’t go to school because they had to start working since a young age. It was there where I realized I was lucky. Because in my country, you are able to study, it’s a privilege because you don’t have to work since a young age.

There are a lot of kids that don’t go to school because their parents make them work since a young age, or in different things. Some of them sell gum or candy on the buses. Some of them go around selling vegetables, fruits, etc.

When I took the photograph, it touched my heart seeing the little girl pulling a big plastic tub, working since early in the morning to help her family, or simply they have to work because their parents make them. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to do something and I think that with this picture I’ll be able to help bring knowledge to many people about the situation in which people live in different countries, not just in El Salvador.