Body acceptance

This is a batik color watercolor painting of a girl's body in the background you can read that it says "love yourself and your body". Body positivity is very important to me and i created this art piece to represent it.

Girl in the red dress

I took this picture of myself then painted it making the color of the shirt red instead of the color it actually was (background color) to make it pop out.

What Remains

I do not have direct experience with police brutality, as I am a white female. However, it is an extremely important issue, and I see it affecting both my immediate community as well as the entire country. For this work, I collected news...

Black Lives Matter

The purpose of my “Black Lives Matter” piece was to explain that I completely support this movement, considering that I am a young black woman. The picture is meant to show that we as black women (or African Americans as a whole) are deeper and...

Of Colors, of Mountain Faces

These drawings are composed of a pairing of color, ink, and line work. This echoes common themes that I find and learn from in my life, how opposites can enhance each other's differences. This mixing of forms and media brings me joy,...